Our product was born as handicraft product while maintaining tight the passion of Neapolitan culture melted with a minimal contemporary taste.

We bring the style of the classy Italian man researched and demanded all around the world mixed with an international contemporary look.


Attention to details has a very important role in representing the culture and traditions of our country and region. 

Our products are a substantial medium to preserve our rich traditional art, heritage and culture, traditional skills and talent which are associated with people’s lifestyle and history.


The whole world has always admired Italian fashion craftsmanship, and this craft distinguish and make Italy unique in the world. 

Our prerogative is to stand out from others and aim to produce something original and unique.


 Silvano Calabrese brand hands over its tradition from father to son, jealously safe-keeping the secrets of their particular trade, fruit of years of experience and mistakes, trials and great sacrifices. 

The value of an artisan production keeps all this in mind, and when you buy an exclusive shirt, you buy the history and tradition of a population with it. 

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